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Name : Aarthik Abhiyan Newspapers
Type : Daily Newspaper
Language : Nepali
Founded : 2005
Headquaters : Kathmandu, Nepal.
Owner : —–
Editor :
Sub Editor : ———-
Publications : New Business Age Pvt. Ltd
Website : http://www.abhiyan.com.np/new/
E Paper : http://www.abhiyan.com.np/epaper.php
Aarthik Abhiyan Aarthik Abhiyan It is Nepali Language daily business newspaper published days of the week (Sunday to Friday) and it has 12-16 pages in broadsheet. On all the other six days of week, it has one or more special pages dedicated to different sectors such as Investments &Capital Market, Technology, Transport, Jobs, Education, Development and Housing & Real Estate with the broad title ” Product” . It selects one product, service or business for a day and tries to give 360 degree coverage on that product on that day. Aarthik Abhiyan is printed on normal newsprint.

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