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Name : Nai Duniya Newspaper
Type : Daily Newspaper
Language : Hindi
Founded : 5th June 1947
Headquaters : Indore, India
Owner : —–
Editor :
Sub Editor : ———-
Publications : Jagran Prakashan Ltd
Website :
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Nai Duniya Naidunia is a Hindi newspaper, a publication of Jagran Prakashan Ltd. Naidunia (meaning New World) was born on 5th June 1947 at Indore, just before dawn of Independent India, most aptly timed and named. Established by Freedom Fighters Pandit Krishnakant Vyas and Mr Krishnachandra Mudgal .Mr Krishnakant Vyas was its first Chief Editor also .Further Mr Babu Labhahcnd Chhajlani, Basantilal Sethia and Narendra Tiwari joined and then treaded its path to popularity in the most turbulent post-independence time.

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