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Name : The Shillong Times Newspaper
Type : Daily Newspaper
Language : English
Founded : 1945
Headquaters : Rilbong Shillong,Meghalaya,India
Owner : Sudhindra Bhusan Chaudhuri
Editor : Ms Patricia Mukim
Sub Editor : ———-
Publications : THE SHILLONG TIMES Pvt Ltd
Website :
Epaper :
The Shillong Times The Shillong Times has been around for a while. We are 71 years old to be precise. In these six decades we have been your friend through good times and bad. We have laughed and wept together. The ST has tried its best to bring you cutting edge news so you can engage with the powers- that- be more meaningfully. It is our continued endeavour to serve you – the readers better through a mix of non-partisan, political news stories, exposes, sports reportage, entertainment, health nuggets and what have you. Above all we provide you the readers, the space to air your valued opinions on a range of issues. But a newspaper is not infallible. It is a product of human enterprise and is bound to fall short of your expectations. Hence we welcome honest feedback and regret that letters sometimes sent to us do not always land in our inbox.

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